About Us

About Us


Based out of Ontario, Canada I am new to the world of service dogs and the challenges their handlers face on a daily basis. When I am not training with my service dog prospect; Saria, I am usually busy learning as much as I can about the laws and ethics surrounding working a service dog. I have come to realize that there is little in the way of accurate information online regarding service dogs in Canada, let alone Ontario. Part of the reason for me making this website is so that I can share all that I have learned, alongside my story and possibly some rants about the things that have irritated me. Owner training a service dog is one of the most difficult a disabled handler can do, but it can also be the most rewarding.

On a different note, I find myself a part of a number of fandoms. I am a proud Pegasister, who spends a lot of time watching YouTube videos and browsing fanart. I do also enjoy anime, Psychopass and Heaven’s Lost Property are two of my current favourites. Besides that Zelda and Pokemon may make there way onto the blog from time to time, though I will try to keep it on the original topic, my service dog journey.


A goofy chocolate lab puppy who is in training to be a psychiatric service dog for myself. Like many dogs she enjoys long walks on local trails, swimming in the river, playing in the snow and cuddling with me. Of course she also simply LOVES her training, and shows great promise in it if she would stop barking at other dogs, though we are working on it and we are making progress.