Why Do I Do This To Myself?

This is a part two of sorts to last weeks post, speaking a bit on the consequences of doing too much in too short a time.

Tuesday, February 28th

I had an appointment that I could only attend if I took the bus alone with one transfer each way and just over an hour travel time. The first bus was on the full side towards the end, which is normal for that route as it is the only route that goes to and from our little corner. But I managed it pretty well considering it was my first time on a bus in little over a year. I barely had time to think between buses as by the time my bus arrived the second was ready and waiting. Then the only excitement was several crying children and the fact that the return bus was two minutes late making me miss my transfer forcing me to kill half an hour at the mall.

Friday, March 3rd

After having spent the days after Tuesday in quiet to help me return to ‘normal’, I had just gotten to a point that I could handle life again. Well, I had forgotten that there was birthday in my family that meant we would be going out for dinner to celebrate. So as has become the routine, I puppy proofed the house made sure Saria pooped before we left, leaving her behind. The restaurant was busy and we were seated in the same section as somebody’s Sweet 16 celebration. Adding the fact that a buffet had been chosen, which meant I had to somehow navigate the lines while getting food and not immediately throwing it on the floor. To say the least by the end of the hour or so we were their I was exhausted.

Saturday, March 4th

Quiet, and many naps. I lacked the energy to do really anything outside of exist, and technically I really did not have much energy Sunday either.

Sunday, March 5th

Lunch with friends, and several who I was just meeting then. I knew that I was still walking on thin ice when it came to my ability to handle life, but I had been looking forward to it for months and would not miss it for the world. Unfortunately for me the world conspired against me and placed three children’s birthday parties near us, with several of the children screaming. Regardless I had fun, but by the time I got home I felt like somebody killed me, revived me then killed me again.

Monday, March 6th

I did very little during the day, still feeling like a zombie. But I still went to Guides that night, which arguably was a mistake on my part. Regardless we still managed to pull a productive meeting out of it, even though half our girls were over tired after camp and the other two Guiders were also feeling the effects.

The Rest of the Week

Tuesday was literally sleep, allowing Saria to go potty and more sleep. Each day after became progressively less sleep and slowly more activity. Finally Friday I felt up to doing any significant work with Saria, which quickly turned into reading the books that I had ordered on dog training. So yes, a couple busy days can take me out of commission for a week or more depending on a number of factors.



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