A Very Good Week

A Very Good Week

This has been an exciting week for Saria and I with the promise of an exciting weekend. Which is a welcome change in pace to the drab and dreary weather that we have been having as of late, which the sun has also been showing itself. Additionally the weather for this weekend is calling for several days of positive 10 degree Celsius weather and plenty of sun. Which for you Americans out there means we will be getting a lot melting snow as the freezing point is zero.

First of all, after discovering that Saria fears Snowmen I went to work basically immediately to get her over it. As you can tell from the photo we managed to do so quicker than expected. This photo was taken on Valentine’s Day, and I keep telling everyone that the Snowman was her Valentine. I managed this by using our other dog to show her that the Snowman is not that bad, and too my surprise it worked wonders. In fact it worked so well that all she wanted to do was be beside the Snowman because I kept giving her treats for being near it. This second problem is now solved as well, and I am just so proud of her.

Secondly, I signed up for an American Sign Language course at the local college.Something that I will admit needed to be done as I have been growing complacent and bored. One of my favourite activities is to sit in a classroom learning something new. I don’t do well trying to learn from an online courses, as I need a designated time and place to learn effectively. The fact that  there is a teacher at the front of the room is a huge help to my learning experience. Either way the idea of attending a College that I have never gone to before, in a city I am not comfortable in is terrifying.  But I know that when the time comes to start that I can handle it, but the month before the first class will be an anxious wait.

Thirdly, Wednesday morning I woke up earlier than usual and as a result the garbage truck had yet to come. To my surprise there was a skunk rummaging through the garbage at 8:30am right by where cars were driving past. I can honestly say I strongly dislike this complex and 99% of its inhabitants. Some people don’t bother cleaning up afters their dogs, this one lady actively feeding the skunks and other wildlife, leaving their recycling out from about 7pm the night before to whenever the truck comes by to pick it up the following day. Either way the wildlife is getting bolder and it is causing issues with the dog owners who just want to take their dog’s out for an evening walk. Berkley now is a scratch and sniff card of skunk smell that has not gone away since he was sprayed in August. My dog likely got a worm from somebody not cleaning up after their dog. And all but maybe two household who have small breeds allow their dog to bark near constantly. I can’t wait to get out of this place.

Next, I have gotten the courage up to tell my Mom I want to hire a trainer to help Saria and I make the progress  I know we can. I do not know why the idea of telling her that I wanted to start searching for one made me anxious but it did. And now that I have told her, I just need to start the search.

Finally, this weekend is my brother’s birthday and to celebrate we are going out for Sushi with one of his best friends. This will be the first ‘real’ scenario where Saria will be home for that long alone. I am sure it will go well, but it is still stressful to think about. But I just love the California rolls.




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