The Evil Snowman

So this is a first, Saria has a fear of something and not just a confusion about it, but a proper fear. And if you guessed snowmen you are right and obviously read the title, gold star for you. Offer is only valid if you draw the star yourself as I am too broke to send one by male and do not know how to make one via a computer.

But up until this point some things have confused her like automatic doors and this one tree. Each time I allowed her to sniff it, gave her some treats for focusing on me and that was the end of that. This was full out barking and shaking at the sight of this snow figure, something I had not seen from her. Due to the fact I did not have treats to start working with her immediately, I ended up deciding to go a different way.

I will be going out in a few hours to work some on it, but for now I need a nap. But I could not let this go unwritten, as my dog whom I had frequently joked does not even have the capability of fear has a fear of Snowmen. Not electric wheel chairs, the vacuum or anything else that most dogs will avoid. She is scared of snow rolled into three large balls, stacked on top of one another, with various objects stuck to it to create arms and a face. What a goof. But I love her enough to post the embarrassing stories online, but that is what parents are for.


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