The Good and the Bad

I am sure I am not the only one who has those days where no matter what you do you are not going to have a good day. Well for me, yesterday was one of those days. My mood was soured to some extent by the fact that my step dad had his poker buddies over the night before, and I am not one to take to strangers being in the house. I generally try to not allow it to get to me, however I was not completely successful.

Either way, due to the fact that I had gone to bed early to try and counter act the fact that there were strange to me people in the house, Saria got me up an hour and a half before I am used to so that she could go potty. Me being me, means I cannot just go back to bed and fall asleep due to me now being up. So instead of sleeping until 9am and missing all of the people walking their dogs before school/work, I now had to struggle to keep Saria from barking like an idiot at all the other dogs while I am still too groggy to function. Whatever, it could have gone better but it could have gone worse at the same time.

Once inside, I grabbed a blanket and curled up with Saria and allowed Berkley to sit wherever he was comfortable. I ended up deciding to ignore the cat as he humped my leg from under the animal’s blanket, as he was doing no actual harm. In the end this quiet time with the animals and the television was pleasant. Oh I forgot to say that I made chocolate chip pancakes, which also aided in the pleasantness of the time. Which was destroyed when Mom called and asked me to look for something, and was enough to distract me into leaving the last few bites of pancake on the coffee table. Well Saria, ate them. Whatever, it was not enough to do any harm and I was done either way.

I then decided to try a training session with Saria outside in front of the drive way, and this is when life really spat in my face. I never managed to do it, as cars and other dogs kept disturbing us. Just as I started setting the pylons down to start the session, a car came and of course I had to move them so that the car could get past. Fine whatever I only had to go pick up the last one I had placed as that was the only one in the way. Just as I am placing the third out of the four pylons my neighbor and her demon spawn of a shih zhu came out and started yapping at us. Fine whatever, I thought she was at work considering it is a week day and her car was not in the drive way. So I head inside, thoroughly annoyed at this point though it might be due to the fact that the very sight of that woman ticks me right off. We sat inside for a good 10 minutes waiting for this woman to return safely to her house so that we can train undisturbed. However the last straw was when this other lady with her young cocker spaniel came out, I do actually love this lady and her dog but I was just not in the mood to be happy anymore and wanted to go back inside so I could cuss the world out without anybody hearing me. Ok, I would have been fine with the neighbor lady hearing as I would love to have some words with her about her dog.

Either way,  I came back inside ready to cry from frustration, deciding to instead eat then shower. The food went fine, it was the shower I managed to mess up. I had secured the rest of the house and as usual fell back on my parent’s bedroom door to make sure it was closed as I usually did, except I missed and had thought I did. So while I was in the shower, Saria had gotten and eaten half a package of lindor chocolate. Thoroughly done with the day I napped until my Mom got home and take Saria while I just tried to salvage the rest of the day. With some success.

On the bright side today is much better, Saria is behaving, I had some poptarts. We even managed to do a training session that went quite well if I say so myself. Attached will be a video of the session as I remember that this dog is capable of being a very good dog. I played some Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and had a long mid-day nap. In the end, some days are not meant to be enjoyed rather survived with as few war wounds as possible. But those days make you appreciate the simple joys, like a training session going off without a hitch.

Saria’s training






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