Weekend at Grandma’s (and Grandpa’s)

This weekend I went to my Grandparents for a visit, and of course I brought my dog because it seemed unfair to expect my brother to care for the nut and my parents were out of town on a vacation. To put it simply, I am too anxious to handle being home without my Mom for that long. Either way the reasoning is unimportant.

Well that first evening, my Grandpa decided that we should go to the Chinese place downtown. I will be the first to admit that it is entirely my fault for not putting more effort into beating Saria’s separation anxiety, considering she has only been able to handle about half an hour on her own so far out of her crate in a place she is familiar. Remember that dogs do not generalize well, and that it was our first night away from home. Dinner was estimated to take about an hour, and due to the fact that my Grandparent’s had not puppy proofed yet(they are getting a puppy in the near future) meant Saria absolutely needed  to be crated for her own safety, and to save their furnishing and belongings. So my anxiety was through the roof, Saria had tried to help but she does not fully grasp her job just yet and she was obviously stressed as well. I predicted that she was going to bark and cry the entire time we were gone; annoying the neighbors, that she would cut her paws and nose trying to escape.

Leaving the house I was on the edge of having a panic attack. It is a good thing that they are understanding of me, as I feel bad for not really engaging in the conversation at dinner. But the food was good and we had a pretty good time all things considered.

Anyways upon our return, the house was quiet. My frazzled brain went straight to somebody came in and dog-knapped her or shot her, especially considering my Grandparent’s don’t lock their door. I mean they live in the safest neighborhood I know, but these things are still a possibility. Or that she spontaneously died. But much to my relief she was just sitting there in the crate, her eyes a mixture of betrayal and relief and excitement. I have got to give this more credit than I do. Despite obvious signs of stress she still wanted to help me, she managed to the longest home alone to date and was reasonably well behaved in the barking at random noises department. Like seriously, how did I get so lucky to find her?

Though we did learn that squirrels are her worst enemy and birds are okay. Honestly it was so cute watching stand at the window watching the birds at the bird feeder, and then eventually in an attempt to play pawed at the window. She looked so distraught when they flew away, like her best friend just left her.


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